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Top Hat and Tails Corp. Offers Comprehensive Chimney Services In New Jersey

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At Top Hat and Tails Corp., our business was built on a commitment to our jobs and to our clients. We’re committed to providing excellent service based on experience, knowledge and ongoing education. We’re committed to using our industry’s best tools and techniques to ensure that top level of service. And we’re committed to making sure our clients receive the best education and advice about their chimney system and about safe burning habits.

Those commitments inform every service we offer. And when you need any type of chimney service, Top Hat and Tails Corp. is ready to help, whether that means a routine chimney inspection or a complex leak repair.

A Quick Look At The Chimney Services Top Hat And Tails Corp. Offers

Chimney Sweeping
Our sweeping services cover wood-burning systems as well as oil and gas flues, and you can expect a clean, thorough job from our CSIA-certified technicians.

Chimney Flue Relining
Whether your flue needs relining because of damage or because you’re installing a new appliance, our technicians can help — and that includes wood-, oil- and gas-burning systems, too.

Chimney Camera Inspections
A chimney inspection is a key component of proper chimney care. Our experienced technicians can perform your annual inspection, keep you apprised of the state of your system and inform you about any current or impending repair needs.

Masonry Repairs
When problems like cracks or receded mortar joints leave your masonry unable to keep moisture out or negatively affect your draft, Top Hat and Tails Corp. can help.

Chimney Caps
If nasty weather has torn off your chimney cap — or if you didn’t have one installed to protect your system in the first place — our technicians can recommend and install the right chimney cap for your system.

Chase Covers
A deteriorated, leaky chase cover can wreak havoc on your chimney and your home’s interior. We can install a strong, new chase cover to provide proper protection again.

When your mortar joints are weak and in need of some reinforcement, we can provide quality repoint work that will restore your masonry.

Crack Repair
Cracks in your masonry can allow water in and can contribute to further damage. But the skilled masons at Top Hat & Tails can make quality repairs that last.

With a proper waterproofing product, you can arm your masonry chimney to last longer and offer stronger protection against moisture intrusion, both short-term and long-term.

Top-mounted Dampers
Top-mounted dampers are more energy efficient and provide an extra layer of moisture protection.

If you want to learn more about any of our services — or if you’d like to schedule an appointment with our expert technicians — give Top Hat and Tails Corp. a call at 973-450-1947 or click here!


Removing animals from your chimney is all part of a day’s service from the experienced professionals at Top Hat & Tails.

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