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Top Hat & Tails Can Help With All Masonry Repairs

Chimney professionals, like those at Top Hat & Tails Corp., have been building and maintaining masonry chimneys for centuries. The reason masonry materials have remained beloved and relied on? Beauty, strength, and longevity.

We routinely see masonry chimneys and fireplaces in historic New Jersey homes that have stood up to decade upon decade of use and abuse, and remain beautiful and regularly used parts of the homeowners’ lives.

That said, masonry chimneys can really only last when they’re regularly taken care of. That means annual chimney inspections and chimney sweeping appointments, and careful, diligent repairs made when needed by experienced and detail-oriented professionals. The pros here at Top Hat & Tails can take care of all of that maintenance for you!

The destroyed chimney split down the middle with tile chimney surrounds it

What’s Damaging My Masonry?

The simplest answer: fire and water.

On the interior, your masonry chimney is under attack by intense levels of heat. The materials used in your masonry chimney — including refractory brick, and in many cases, clay tile — are made to hold strong against that heat. But even the strongest materials can break down when not cared for, or when areas of damage allow moisture or acidic byproducts to wear them down faster.

Your chimney’s exterior, on the other hand, is under even more constant attack from the elements. Rain, sleet, snow, and ice slowly and consistently wear on your bricks and mortar joints through the years. And when small imperfections crop up, the freeze and thaw cycle gets a chance to do more considerable damage — moisture works its way into small cracks or gaps, contracts and expands as the temperatures shift, and creates larger cracks and gaps or spalling masonry (crumbling and flaking).

How Top Hat & Tails Can Help

Man adding mud to brick with trowel.Our technicians specialize in the detailed work involved in masonry repair, whether we’re working on a new chimney or one that’s been standing for decade upon decade.

That Work Can Include:

Chimney Crown Repair
A cracked or spalling chimney crown is one of the most common culprits behind chimney leaks. We can either repair minimal damage with a crown sealant or do more considerable repairs — up to and including a rebuild.

Chimney Restoration And Rebuilds
If deferred maintenance, weather damage, or other issues have caused considerable masonry issues, we can bring your chimney back to its former function and beauty, whether that means a period-perfect restoration or a full tear-down and rebuild.

Let Top Hat & Tails Take Care Of Your Masonry Repairs

Our technicians are ready to help you with any masonry repair needs. If you have any questions — or would like to make an appointment to have your chimney looked at and/or repaired — call Top Hat & Tails at 973-450-1947! You can also request an appointment online – just click here!


Our chimney services include installing chimney caps to provide protection, safety, efficiency and an appealing look to your chimney.

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