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Top Hat & Tails Corp. Cleans Oil Flues, Gas Flues And Stoves

Those of us who’ve long owned and maintained a wood-burning fireplace and chimney system are likely well aware of the need to have that system professionally swept each and every year. Fewer homeowners, though, are aware that oil and gas heating systems — from your furnace to your hot water heater — are also combustion systems that vent through a chimney in order to perform effectively and as safely as possible.


Our concerns with a gas- or oil-burning system are different — we’re not focusing on worries about excess creosote buildup. But any combustion system results in byproducts, and when you’re burning gas or oil, corrosive soot and acidic condensates are being produced, which can potentially damage your chimney’s interior.

Since it’s more common for homeowners to ignore the need to have gas and oil flues cleaned, it’s more common for those damaging byproducts to get a chance to create real problems before the system is given due attention. And that damage can often be expensive to repair.

That all adds up to why we recommend regular cleaning of those flues, for better performance now and the avoidance of expensive problems down the line.

When You Should Schedule Your Oil Or Gas Flue Cleaning

Just as we do with a wood-burning system, we recommend annual cleanings for oil and gas flues. We usually advise our clients to schedule their cleaning appointment at the end of the heating season, as the weather is warming up.

All fall and winter, your appliances have been working hard (and for long stretches of time), allowing deposits to develop on the flue’s interior. Having the flue cleaned at the end of that season means we’re protecting it, and making sure that draft isn’t being affected when the next heating season rolls in. Since burning these fuels also produces odorless, colorless, and potentially deadly carbon monoxide, it’s important to us that your chimney is drafting properly — we want to do everything we can to minimize the possibility of carbon monoxide leaks.

Don’t Assume Your Furnace Company Is Taking Care Of It


Your furnace service company is not focused on your chimney’s care — some technicians will shovel debris from the base, but they’re not cleaning or maintaining your chimney. Assuming that their visit means your chimney is properly cared for can leave you with the expensive repairs down the line, or worse, a carbon monoxide leak.

Trust Top Hat & Tails Corp. With All Your Chimney Needs

Our commitment to the well-being of our clients and our clients’ chimneys forms the backbone of what we do at Top Hat & Tails Corp. From cleaning your oil or gas flues to performing proper annual inspections to ensure that damage or other issues aren’t limiting the safety or performance of your chimneys, we’re here to make sure you — and your chimney — get proper attention.

If you have any questions about the care of your gas or oil chimneys — or if you’d like to schedule a cleaning or inspection appointment — give Top Hat & Tails Corp. a call at 973-450-1947! We also offer convenient online scheduling!


Don’t put off your regular chimney sweeping; it’s one important chimney service you don’t want to postpone!

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