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Top Hat & Tails Corp. Can Replace Your Chase Cover

There are a lot of commonalities between masonry chimney systems and prefabricated or factory-built chimney systems: They all function to carry the dangerous byproducts of combustion up and out of a home, and rely on various components designed to encourage draft and discourage moisture intrusion.

stainless steel crown cover on tall white chimney.

Among the more subtle differences: at the top of a masonry chimney, you’ll find a concrete chimney crown directing moisture away from the chimney opening and onto the roof; at the top of a prefabricated chimney, you’ll see a metal chase cover performing that same role.

The Importance Of Your Chase Cover

Keeping moisture out of your chimney’s interior is key to its longevity — which is part of why so many of your chimney’s components, from the chimney cap to the chimney flashing, were designed to fight moisture. Excess moisture can damage everything from the flue liner down to the firebox. In a prefabricated chimney system, a chase cover is an important part of the fight against water, ushering rain and snow away from the chimney, onto the roof, and towards the gutters.

Potential Chase Cover Problems And Solutions

Depending on the type of material used to construct your chase cover, its durability can vary greatly. In many cases, builders will install galvanized metal chase covers on new homes, as those are certainly the most inexpensive option. But depending on the weather it has to stand up to, galvanized chase covers can fail in as few as five years, developing rust holes and corroded areas that leave it totally incapable of protecting your system.

At Top Hat & Tails Corp., we recommend more durable stainless steel and copper chase covers, which hold up far better and far longer to the effects of weather. Both are beautiful, eye-grabbing materials that can last a lifetime.

How Do I Know If My Chase Cover Needs Attention?

 rusty crown cover with two flues and white chimney.

The easiest and most obvious indicator of chase cover problems? Rust streaks. If you see rust streaking down onto the sides of your chase cover, odds are you’re well on your way to a chimney leak, if you’re not already there. We’ll always check your chase cover during your annual chimney inspection, but if you notice rust between visits, make sure to give us a call.

Have Your Chase Cover Checked Today

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Repointing is a masonry repair that our skilled professionals perform regularly as part of our complete services for your chimney system.

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