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Top Hat & Tails Can Reline Your Chimney Flue

Chimney liners are the hidden heroes of your chimney system. You may not see your liner, but it’s working hard to provide added protection and added performance. On the flip side, a damaged or improperly sized flue liner is leaving your system susceptible to dangerous gas leaks, damaging moisture leaks, fire hazards, and damaging and dangerous draft problems.

stainless steel new liner. view inside itThe state of your flue liner is a big part of what we look for during your annual chimney inspection. In some cases — like with clay tile liners that have small, minimal joint issues — it may be possible to repair a damaged liner. But for a liner that’s significantly damaged, improperly sized or even missing altogether (more probable in historic homes), flue relining is a necessary and important service that will equip your system to function as properly and as safely as it was designed to.

What Your Chimney Liner Does To Improve Performance

If you think of your flue as a straw, draft is what’s pulling the contents up and out. A straw with a crack in it won’t respond well when you’re trying to use it; a chimney with a cracked or damaged flue liner can offer that same resistance to draft. When your chimney is equipped with a proper flue liner that’s in the shape it should be in, you have a flue that’s set up for optimum draft.

Proper flue size is just as important to performance as a smoke-tight liner surface. Heating appliances are designed to draft properly with a particularly-sized flue — a flue that’s too big can lead to improper draft and excess build-up of byproducts; a flue that’s too small may not be able to accommodate the volume of air that it needs to carry byproducts and smoke up and out. Either situation is certainly not ideal.

If you add a new appliance to your system, we can equip the flue with a strong new liner. If you’re dealing with draft, smoke or damage issues, we can inspect the system to determine whether your flue is improperly sized, and install a properly sized liner.

view into a stainless steel liner of chimney that looks a little rusted

What Your Chimney Liner Does To Maximize Safety

Your chimney liner acts as a sort of suit of armor for your chimney masonry — it’s a line of defense between that masonry and the damaging byproducts, moisture and intense heat that can wear it down. A protected and bolstered chimney works better, longer and more safely.

We’ll Recommend The Best Relining Option For Your System

There are different chimney relining options that homeowners can explore, based on the state of the individual chimney system, the needs of the specific appliance, and of course, the homeowner’s budget. At Top Hat & Tails Corp., we routinely recommend strong and resilient stainless steel chimney liners, which are an effective, durable and wise investment in the longevity and safety of your system and home.

If you’d like to learn more about chimney liners and relining — or if you think your system might need relining and you’d like to schedule an appointment with a Top Hat & Tails technician — give us a call at 973-450-1947 or click here!


A chimney camera inspection is one of the best ways to uncover any problems hiding in your chimney system and it’s part of our comprehensive chimney service.

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