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black custom chimney cap with new crown and flashing. Pine trees in the back ground.A chimney cap can be a beautiful aesthetic statement, completing your chimney’s look and bringing eye-grabbing detail to your roofline. But its looks are really secondary: The chimney cap is a really important protective element in your chimney system, and an absolute must-have on any chimney, be it masonry or prefabricated.

What Is A Chimney Cap’s Role In My System?

If you think about the weather bearing down on your home and your chimney, the cap’s placement up at the very top makes it your system’s first line of defense against moisture intrusion. Chimney caps are designed to keep moisture from coming directly into your flue opening, and to direct it onto the chimney crown or chase cover, where it’s then directed onto your roof and into your gutters. Everything works together to protect your home.

Moisture protection is just a piece of how chimney caps help you, though. They also help to keep out flammable debris — like leaves, brush and twigs — and to put up a barrier between your dry and welcoming chimney and the various animals that would like to make a home in there.

A variety of critters are drawn to nesting in chimneys, from squirrels to bats and birds. And when they do get into an uncapped chimney, they carry in highly combustible nesting materials, bugs, unpalatable smells and bacteria, and annoying noises, too. Often enough, if young or sick animals aren’t able to make their way up and out of the chimney, they die inside of your flue, leaving you with another frustrating problem to deal with. A chimney cap keeps those animals out of your chimney, and keeps those frustrations out of your life.

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Your Chimney Cap Options

If you need to have a chimney cap replaced or installed, Top Hat & Tails Corp. technicians can talk with you about a variety of options, both aesthetic and functional.

Homeowners who are focused on bringing a visual pop to their home might want to look at copper chimney caps, which start out beautiful and only get more eye-catching as time and weather brings out that telltale copper patina. Others looking for a strong and highly durable chimney cap at a lower price point than copper might turn to stainless steel — stainless steel caps are also available in a variety of styles and shapes to fit with or enhance a home’s style, and can stand up to years and years of weather.

Let us know what you’re thinking about and looking for, and we’ll help you find the perfect chimney cap.

Have Your Chimney Cap Professionally Installed By Top Hat & Tails

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Our comprehensive chimney services include installing your new chase cover to help keep water, critters and debris of all kinds out of your prefabricated chimney.

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