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State-Of-The-Art Chimney Camera Inspections With Top Hat & Tails

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The two keys to getting the best performance and the most longevity out of your chimney system: diligently keeping up with your annual chimney inspections and chimney sweeping appointments.

During a chimney inspection, experienced, well-trained Top Hat & Tails technicians are able to thoroughly comb through your entire system, from the firebox up to the chimney cap, checking each component along the way to make sure no one piece is compromising the whole, and that your chimney, each and every time you use your fireplace or stove, is protecting your home and family the way it was designed to.

What We’re Looking For During A Chimney Inspection

Your chimney system is a complex system of complementary parts and components, and all are designed to play an important role in venting and/or protecting your home and the people in it. During a chimney inspection, Top Hat & Tails technicians closely examine all accessible portions of your chimney system, and report back to you with an evaluation and thorough explanation of what we’ve found.

An inspection gives us a chance to identify any weaknesses within your system. For example:

  • We may notice a crack in your chimney liner that could be allowing toxic carbon monoxide to reach your home’s interior, or high heat to reach the flammable building materials around your chimney.
  • We may find a tear in your chimney’s flashing, which could be contributing to a slow leak or a major one.
  • Or we may find rust and corrosion on your chase cover that will certainly lead to a troubling leak, probably sooner rather than later.

Annual inspections allow us to be certain that our clients’ chimneys are fit for regular use, and give us the opportunity to find issues before they become major, more costly, and more dangerous problems.

What’s Special About A Camera Inspection?

Years ago, there was a lot more guess work involved in a chimney technician’s job while inspecting a chimney. Often, homeowners were relying on the technician’s flashlight and mirror when having their chimney system assessed. While Top Hat & Tails’ technicians have the training and experience that makes for incredibly valuable and well-informed instincts, we make sure to take it several steps further, using state-of-the-art camera scanning equipment to get a full, detailed view of your flue.

With a camera inspection, we’re able to get much closer to the interior walls of your chimney, from the smoke chamber all the way up the chimney cap. This way, cracks, gaps and other problems don’t have a chance to hide from us. And, as we assess your chimney, we’re able to show you — not just tell you — what we find. Altogether, you’re getting a more thorough inspection, and a more thorough understanding of the state of your chimney and any problems that might need addressing.

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Don’t worry…we can help with all your masonry repair needs. It’s an important part of the chimney services we provide.

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